Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday

     As usual, I have a lot of projects that I'm working on. The one I'm working on most is the Linus quilt that I'm making in memory of my friend, Susie, who recently died. The pile of fabrics at left was what I started on for that one. I added some solid burgundy and a bright gold for sashing. I'm using a pattern called "Squareville," written by my friend Becki.

     I've made 40 blocks, but I'll only use the best 35 in a 5 by 7 setting with burgundy sashing and gold cornerstones. Here's where I am now:  

     I have the top mostly put together, lacking only a few sashes and cornerstones on the left side and bottom. I webbed the top using a technique I learned from Bonnie Hunter here.

     I haven't taken a picture of the partial top because it's not done and I'm  struggling to show unfinished tops. Blocks on a design wall don't bother me, but tops seem different. I've always only shown finished object at guild and that mindset has carried over to the blog. I guess I need to get over that if I'm going to participate in WIP Wednesday!

     I'm still working on my Smith Mountain Morning from my workshop in Columbus last month with Bonnie Hunter, and my Christmas Diamonds quilt.

     I'm linking today with WIP guest hosted by Felicity. There's lots of quilty goodness to see there!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend who passed, but what a nice gesture with your donation quilt. Cannot wait to see pictures of all that you are working on - I understand that situation very well! I am always working on several things but usually only a few make it to the blog at a time...if that.

    I subscribed to you via Google Reader - I see you are an Ohio quilter and so am I! I'm up on the shore of Lake Erie, about an hour east of Cleveland. :)

    1. How neat that we're both Buckeyes! And thanks for the comment. It's good to know that someone's "out there."

  2. I'm in Ohio too. Great colors that you are using. Don't worry about showing unfinished tops. There's no quilt police here.

  3. Beautiful gesture to make this quilt in your friend's memory. And yes! Show your unfinished tops, your blocks, everything! It's WIP Wednesday and we all love to see what everyone's working on.

    Thanks for linking up!