Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two rescues

Both of my cats are rescues. It's really hard for me to understand how anyone could dump a kitten, but that's how I've gotten two wonderful pets.

Cato, my ginger kitty, came to us about six years ago. It was an autumn evening and we were watching the Cleveland Indians. We heard an awful sound outside the screen door to the deck. Guess who showed up? He was hungry and thirsty and not at all shy about expressing his displeasure!

We were going to call him Ginger because we thought he was female (what did I know?). He became Cato because he's an attack cat at times. Now, he's my lap kitty and he was an only fur-child until last summer, when another person decided to dump another kitten. That's when Frankie joined our household. She showed up on the porch at my husband's office.

They're all animal lovers there, so it was a toss-up as to who would keep her, but DH really wanted her. He thought she'd be a good companion for Cato. That has certainly proven to be true! Frankie is at least part Siamese and she has the bluest eyes! She's an active, goofy teen-ager and has really enlivened Cato's middle aged days. They chase and play several times a day and then sleep the rest.

Cato loves to sleep in my sewing room while I'm working. Frankie tends to sleep on her favorite chair in the dining room.

I cannot imagine life without them.

I saw this Linky on Colorpoint Quilter and wanted to join in. Click here to see more stories!


  1. They are both very sweet and so lucky to have a forever home with you.

  2. How nice that you made room for both of them. ; )

  3. they are gorgeous, lovely photos!

  4. Wonderful story Jeanne and two very lucky kitties. Both are beautiful and Frankie is a Snowshoe Siamese! So glad you joined the party. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aw, so sweet! Thank you for sharing your story!

  6. Enjoyed the story of your pets! I had a marmalade cat named Cato at one time, too. Love the color. Frankie is pretty, too.

  7. these two have great personalities! They came to you, but you were able to recognize that they belonged with you! I have a standard poodle who lives with us and is our son. If you want to visit him, check out his page and label of postings.
    Leeanna Paylor Not Afraid of Color!

  8. They are gorgeous cats... such pretty markings and sweet faces. Lucky them to have found you!