Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday July 4

My new favorite picture of Cato the Attack Cat.
     Sometimes I feel like I have ADD. There are so many things rolling around in my brain that I cannot focus on anything. Right now, I have several projects in the piecing stage, one I'm machine quilting and two that need bound. And here I sit with the cat on my lap composing a post. And I need to tidy up my house.

     First of all, I won't dump Cato off my lap. We both need this bonding time. He doesn't usually stay too long anyway. Secondly, I'm a slow starter in the morning and I'm not ready to get going until I've had time to check emails, read a few blogs and have a bowl of cereal.

     As for my WIP, I'm still working on my Christmas Diamonds, although only at my Thursday sewing circle (which only meets twice a month). The Smith Mountain Morning quilt has seen limited progress because of the Linus Quilt which is now awaiting quilting and gifting. I'm going to call that done for now, while aknowledging that it's not really done until it's bound and gifted.
One-patch donation quilt

     The machine quilting project is just a simple one-patch, that probably will be quilted by the time you read this. I'm going to do a simple serpentine stitch in the narrow border and in the white and then bind it. It's alternating calicos with white muslin, so I'll bind it with white. There already are several different muslins in there, so I won't worry about matching the muslin.

I call this Safari Brights
     The two projects awaiting binding were long-armed by the very talented Michele. They're not very big, so they shouldn't take too long, I just need to get going on them. The first is a project we did in a class at a local quilt shop many years ago. I think it came from a magazine, but I can't remember. I was trying to be scrappy even back then.  Michele did some custom quilting and I love it! It will finish about 48.5 square. I have the binding picked out but not ready to go.

Sand Pails?
     The other is a Buggy Barn stack 'n' switch called Basket Crazies. I used bright summery fabrics and a 9-patch sashing to make it a little bigger. I'm thinking of calling it Sand Pails, but I haven't decided for sure. I'll have my husband hold it up for a better picture when it's done. I don't know which fabric I'll bind it in.

I'm linking with WIP Wednesday. Check out all the inspiration if you have time on this busy holiday!

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